NAME: Katie O'Neal, Sous Chef
CHARITY:  Futures Explored Inc. - ALIVE Concord/
WHY: ALIVE is my day job and my passion so it holds a special place in my heart. The mission of Futures Explored, Inc. is to provide life skills and work-related training to adults with developmental disabilities. We support our folks in reaching their optimum level of individual potential by delivering a broad range of resources and ongoing guidance. I know that I help people &  I know thats good but feel like I am the blessed one to be a part of their life. The things that they have taught me, the places they have taken me and how they have changed me. 

NAME: Carol Gilliland, Executive Chef & Owner

CHARITY:  Contra Costa Interfaith Housing (CCIH)


WHY:  I have been involved with CCIH for about 10 years - first as a homework club tutor and then on the board of directors.  CCIH is an amazing organization that helps homeless families, seniors and young adults with permanent housing and supportive services to help them thrive.  I have seen how CCIH has been able to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by providing stable, permanent homes.  I work with kids who are now thriving and can live to their potential.

We believe in the importance of giving back to our community.
We donate 10% of the overall revenue from each event to a local organization. Each of the key staff at A Loveable Feast has chosen a charity that is important to them - read their stories below.  We also donate our time and catering services to charitable organizations we believe in and want to support.
In 2017, we are proud to have been able to donate over $18,000 to local charities!


NAME:  Camille Fenicle, Sous Chef,

CHARITY:  STAND for Families Free of Domestic Violence


WHY:  My daughter and I are survivors of domestic violence. STAND arranged for free counseling for us as well as financial support when I was first living underground at safe houses and before I was stable enough for full-time work. I escaped the abuse and STAND continues to provide me with the domestic violence exemption that gives my daughter and me healthcare and daycare reimbursement from the state. If I would have known all the help that STAND provides women in crisis, I would have left my violent relationship much sooner.

NAME:  Alicia Fenicle, Sous Chef, Server

CHARITY:  John Muir Land Trust


WHY:  I am a Native Californian and I love the people, the cultures, the food and most of all the places.  We have so many beautiful destinations in our golden state we need to do our part to take care of them.  John Muir Land Trust helps to keep our mountains, our trails, our waters beautiful.  As they say, everything we depend on comes from Earth.  Some of those resources are in limited supply.  John Muir Land Trust maintains the earth for native plants, animals, and of course people!  

NAME:  Oscar Mendoza, Bartender, Head Server

CHARITY:  Queer Life Space


WHY:  As a young man studying to become a mental health professional who is also a bisexual man, I find what this organization is doing for the community to be truly amazing. Mental health is often undermined in the fast paced culture we live it, but it is so important to not only each individual, but to us all as a collective community. 

NAME:  Jennifer O'Neal, Front of House, Server

CHARITY:  22Q Family Foundation


WHY:  "She has what?" I've never heard of 22Q Deletion Syndrome".  Common responses I hear when people meet my daughter. Maddie was born with this syndrome.  The Dempster Family Foundation is set up for kids with physical/ cognitive/psychiatric conditions stemming from this syndrome. Ryan Dempster, a player for the MLB has a daughter who was born with this syndrome and started the 22Q Family Foundation. This foundation funds professionals to advocate for children in the IEP process in the school system.