We know that you may have questions about catering – how it works, how we charge, etc. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions and our answers – we hope this helps explain how we work – if not, please let us know.

What kinds of catering services do you provide?
We do everything from sit down dinners for ten to weddings of over 400. We’ve catered weddings, funerals, bat mitvahs and lots and lots of parties and celebrations!

How do I decide my menu?
Before looking at the menu options, think about what you are trying to create with your event. Do you have a theme? Is it a special occasion? Then, click on the sample menus. Think about how the items on our sample menus would help capture the essence of your event. If you don’t see food items that you want, just let us know. While our sample menu illustrates most of the food items we are known for, we can certainly create a custom, unique menu for you.

What about dealing with food restrictions, issues and allergies?
We can work with any food restrictions you may have. We’ve done parties for vegetarian, vegans, people with food allergies (gluten, dairy) as well as people with Celiac’s Disease. And while we can also serve a kosher meal, we do not keep a strict kosher kitchen.

Do you serve beverages?
Of course!! Every event should have beverages!! We can provide anything from a simple coffee service to a full bar with specialty cocktails.

Will I need party rentals like tables or plates/utensils?
That totally depends on what you already have and what you may need. If you need to rent, you can either contact a rental company yourself or you can have us take care of it for you (most of our clients have us manage it as it is easier). When you call to discuss your event, we will review all of items you would need to either own or rent so there won’t be any surprises. Included in our price is all serving utensils and platters.

How much will it cost?
Pricing completely depends on what you want for your event. Once you determine what parts of the event you want us to manage, we will provide a price. Our pricing will break down the various costs so you can see what part is food, beverages and rentals.

When is payment expected?
We take a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the balance on the day of the event.

Do you accept credit cards?

At this point, we do not… sorry!

Is a gratuity included?
Yes, we include an 18% gratuity that is shared with our staff.

Why is there sales tax?
While we can’t really answer the big question of why sales tax, we can say that yes, everything but the gratuity is taxed, just like at a restaurant.